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    Below are a few reviews that we love to brag about!

  • Brittany Williams - November, 2019 (Google Review)

    "One of my go to fish markets that is also a restaurant. It is truly a hidden gem in the inner-city. I usually come here during lunch because it is quick and tasty. They have great lunch specials. If you don't want a lunch special, you can pick out your fish and have them cook it for you right there! The lunch portions are filling. I am like a bottomless pit sometimes and this place filled me up. I've never bought fresh fish from here so I can't comment on that service. The waiting staff was super nice and helped my coworkers and I the first time we went. After that we really didn't need their help and once they got to know us they already knew what we wanted. The prices are reasonable whether you get the lunch special or something off of their regular menu. Fresh seafood at a great price. You can't beat that!"

    Joy Prz - March, 2019 (Google Review)

    "Really enjoyed this unique find! My dad being from FL knows all the great finds and where they actually have fresh seafood! This place did not disappoint. Portions were huge and service was great. I got the garlic shrimp that had a huge portion of shrimp, with white rice, beans and a side salad. My hubby got a huge fried fish with rice as well and plantains. Prices were also exceptional in comparison to other places. Very clean inside and cute decor. Will be here again once I'm back in town!"

    Jesus Vasquez - March, 2018 (Google Review)

    "Don't let the location of this place scare you. It is located in an industrial complex (it must get busy weekdays at noon), it also does not feature a great decoration, but we don't care about those things if the food is great. They offer fresh seafood dishes that would be much more expressive at a fancy looking restaurant. This is like the "Spirit Airlines" of Seafood restaurants, your price is just for food and not overpriced because of decoration. Try a grilled Corvina filet or a seafood soup. Great choices."

    George Marin - May 2019 (Google Review)

    "A Well Keep Secret, is locate in an industrial area in Miami...The Fresher Seafood with A Brazilian Touch...The Best...The Best...The Best...and on top of everything The Prices and Service let you with out words. "

    Sharon W.- March, 2019 (Yelp Review)

    "Larry S. and I got sucked into the black hole of Hialeah where the streets have two names and the space-time continuum reaches the inflection point where the GPS fails. When this unfortunate event happens (rarely, fortunately), it's usually met with frustration and wasted time. Yesterday, however, it resulted in us finding Cod Seafood!

    Don't let Hialeah's sketchy zoning turn you off. Yes, it's a seafood restaurant next to train tracks and industrial warehouses, but thanks to the same magic that warps Miami's usually reliable street grid system, the fumes from the nearby paint factory give Cod Seafood a wide berth. Note - we also found the location of all of the socks that go missing in the dryer. They're here in Hialeah, being darned by Jimmy Hoffa.

    The restaurant is clean and well-maintained with a basic interior decor. They have a fish market where I believe you can purchase fish and have them prepare it for you right there, or you can take it home. No fishy smell inside at all! They also have a great menu with lots of different options, including reasonably priced breakfast specialties.

    We ordered fried calamari, a bacalao croquette, oysters and ceviche. The food was ready quickly and was absolutely fresh and delicious! The standout for me was the calamari; crisp and not at all greasy. The ceviche was a perfect acidic palate cleanser garnished with plenty of cilantro. Due to language barriers, we didn't realize the oysters would come in a cocktail sauce, but Larry reported that the raw bivalves were deliciously fresh and tender (I did not partake. Raw oysters = eww! Not to mention that they function as the waterway's liver, filtering out all the garbage with which we defile our waters. But I digress...). The bacalao fritter was approximately 95% fish with very little filler.

    The service was fast and friendly, although please note that no one working there speaks much English. Even if you have zero command of Spanish (which, let's be honest, if that's the case, you'd be nowhere near Hialeah; the gravitational force field surrounding the city would sense that and repel you immediately), you can still point at what you want and the server is going to make every effort to ensure you get it.

    Oh, and for all that fresh and delicious fish, the total came to $30. The ceviche alone would have been $30 in Wynwood or South Beach. I have never been so happy to get lost in Hialeah!"

    Peter G.- May, 2019 (TripAdvisor Review) - A True Gem....One of the best seafood restaurants in Miami

    "I have been to COD Seafood on a few occasions for lunch. The location is not very attractive; hidden amongst industrial warehouses and buildings. Parking is plentiful on the street. I would have NEVER entered this place unless a friend would have recommended it to me. Wow, that would have been a mistake. This place may actually be the single best seafood restaurant in Miami. The fish is exceptionally fresh and they allow you to select your fish from the counter and have it made to order. Side dishes are wonderful. The prices are amazing. Service is absolutely spot-on and reminds me of having visited Miami in the 1980s. This place is where the in-the-know locals will go to eat. They even allow you to buy fish and take it home (Giovanni from behind the counter will descale, clean and filet the fish for you while you are eating). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!"

    Hassanh900- March, 2017 (TripAdvisor Review) - Best seafood restaurant in Miami

    "This is the best seafood restaurant in Miami not for the looks or location, just for the quality of the food. All the meals are prepared fresh in relatively short time, no excessive waiting. The taste is just incredible, very delicious fresh seafood. Waiter attention is great, willing to answer any question about their dishes, and excellent service. I recommend you check this out, there is no way to describe how good that food was."